Reach Multiplier: Enabling Brands To Grow Through Multiple Sales Channels 
B2B Integration & Order Fulfillment 

In our world of technological innovation, the pressure to provide customers faster and more efficient levels of service is mounting, and both retailers and manufacturers are feeling the impact. Reach Multiplier provides an agile, robust eCommerce platform to help maximise profits, reduce wait times, create brand consistency and improve customer service. We provide solutions to help your business to grow for years to come, by providing the resources to streamline your supply chain, reduce inefficiency, and the technology that ensures your goods arrive when and where you need them.
Sell More
As a Brand, dropshipping the right way with online partners means more profits & brand consistency . Brands earn a larger percentage on dropshipping items sold, as compared to wholesale. Integrating with a network of merchants that are seeking to list, market, and sell your products.
Integrate Faster
No more costly, time-consuming partnerships with retailers. Our technology allows for seamless, unlimited integrations directly on Multiple Shopify stores. You can list products, manage relationships, and fulfill orders all within Reach Multiplier.
Reach Farther
Online store owners and Social Influencer's serve customers with insanely high buying power. These customers are loyal to these retailers/Influencer's and become the most effective marketers for a supplier's brand. You've never been able to access this group of consumers, until now. 
Traditional Dropshipping methods can be cumbersome and time consuming with little brand control.

Reach Multiplier integrates all your product image, product descriptions, Inventory and pricing with orders sent directly to you at time of purchase. Giving you control & brand consistency while providing the retailer a simple 60 second product launch to their website.   
Ready to Take Control?
Invest a small amount of time to learn how Reach Multiplier can work for you. Our unique approach will help you build multiple direct sales channels quickly and affordably.
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