Reach Multiplier: Enabling Brands To Grow Through Multiple Sales Channels 

How do Brands and Influencers connect? 

Via the Brands Digital Kiosk
The link between Brands and Influencers is created via the connection of Reach Multiplier and the brands eCommerce
Digital Kiosk. 

Each Digital Kiosk is unique to each influencer, providing the ability to add shoppable links to each of their posts.

Each Digital Kiosk provides valuable insight and data into the Influencers audience and reach. 
eCommerce link for Influencers.

Targeted Sales Opportunity

Direct Response-based Campaigns
Influencers are genuine consumers of your Brand, they are advocates of your products and your brand, they become your Ambassadors.

Ambassadors partner via your brands Digital Kiosk and implement your direct response campaign in 3 easy steps.

1. Launch Campaign
2. Tag Products
3. Call To Action Caption

Ambassadors create content promoting their role with your brand and post with a Shoppable Link driving instant sales with their Audience. 

Give your customers a new way to shop with the people they trust. Using Shoppable Links places the point of purchase literally at the consumer’s fingertips, quickly and effortlessly in the moment, while the product is still at the forefront of their attention.

The faster the path to purchase, the higher the conversion rate of any campaign.

By having a visual storefront on your Ambassadors Social Media Profiles will allow their community to go from content to commerce in one click!  
Have one Ambassador or multiple, all linked to individual Direct Response Campaigns.

Leverage a Larger Audience

Multiply your reach
The business relationship with the influencers they partner with is part of a multi-level strategy. 

Businesses are working with Influencers on a branding level, and also for direct response-based campaigns showcasing individual products and sales.

For each type of campaign, Businesses partner with or sponsor influencers to create and tailor content to that influencer's followers. 

While some businesses reach out directly to influencers they want to work with, others hire an influencer marketing agency to vet influencer prospects and create viable strategies.

Reach Multiplier embrace both Business and Influencer to provide a deeper connection to your Audience, you gain more detailed insights of the people embracing your brand via the Influencer. 
Individually target and re-target the most engaged audience on your product, via each Ambassador Campaign.

Detailed Data Collection

Multiply Your Targeting
While Influencer marketing may sometimes generate clear and obvious results, particularly with easily-seen statistics like the number of followers or engagements connected to a post, some of the other types of conversions are not so clear-cut.
This is particularly so when you need to distinguish between multiple channels and Influencer campaigns. 

Without careful planning, you will not, for instance, be able to tell for certain whether a particular campaign generated increased sales, or whether they came about for some other reason.

With Reach Multiplier we measure cold hard sales
directly from each connected Brand Ambassador.
Know who is driving the most sales, Know the audience of each engaged post.
You can then retarget that audience with a Advertising campaign. 

Whether you’re partnering with product demonstrators or Australian beauty glamours, you can track the Shoppable Links to measure growth, results and 
accountability in real time.

Turn Your Current ROI Measurement
 On Its Head.

Central Control Station

Manage all eCommerce under one hood
The simple central Dashboard controls your product catalogues, inventory feeds, pricing, and item descriptions that are shared to your Digital Kiosk.
There is never duplicated effort keeping brand consistency across all sellers.

Set different pricing groups for your sellers based on your preferences, ie price for long-term retailers and different Ambassador levels.

Manage orders by pricing groups, order flow from connected sellers, you are notified when you are paid from the seller then mark as fulfilled and shipment notifications are sent to Sellers and customers to keep everyone in the loop.

Centralised reporting by Title, SKU, Month, Hour and Ambassador/Retailer. 

Analyse your data across all sellers providing you valuable insights to leverage.

Deep integration between back office with options to integrate with inventory software such as MYOB Apparel 21, Xero, Quickbooks and many more

Centralised control of all products, descriptions, pricing and orders.
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