Reach Multiplier: Enabling Brands To Grow Through Multiple Sales Channels 
Your eCommerce Advantage 
  •  Targeted Sales Opportunity  
    Direct Response-based Campaigns
  •  Leverage a Larger Audience
  • Multiply Your Reach  
  •  Detailed Data Collection
  • Deeper Understanding  
  •  Central Control Station
  • Save You Time, Effort & Money 
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Reach Multiplier Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell And Deliver Your Products Online!
Technology has dramatically altered the consumer’s path to purchase.

Disruption is the New Normal for both brand manufacturers and retailers trying to keep up.
Fortunately, our solutions can help you get ahead of the curve and stay there!
Place stockist into different pricing groups
Retail Partners don’t pay to connect with you and nor should they. You have 100% control over who you partner with.

Unlimited Real-time Inventory Sync
Publish or Unpublish as many products as you would like - brands are in control of the breadth of their available products.
Unlimited Real-time Order Sync
End user orders are sent directly to your dashboard for processing.
Individual partner payment notification
Update shipping info directly to end user (customer purchase)
Activate Product campaigns with a variety of media to promote an item or a line of products.
Product Videos,
Social Media Campaigns
POS posters
Perfect for product launches
"Reach Multiplier Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell And Deliver Your Products, Via Multiple Retailers And Influences Online!"  
Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech and Sales Team!
  •  D2C Multi eCommerce Store Management
  •  Social Media Influencer eCommerce Integration & Order Fulfillment
  •  B2B eCommerce Integration & Order Fulfillment 
To scale efficiently and effectively, Brands are focusing their efforts not on a broad universe of potential customers, but rather on a specific subset of customers who are most similar to each category of product offerings via Social Media. Instagram and Pinterest are platforms best used to do this. Reach Multiplier allows you to add “See – Tap – Shop” products to multiple platforms while all your products, pricing, Inventory and customer orders are managed in one central location.   
Influencer Integration Campaigns
Is your Brand is adding product offerings to your Instagram feed with shoppable tags? 
If so, you will know how valuable this is to your bottom line. 
What if you could partner with your brands most loyal Influencing Ambassadors with the same offering?
With the “tap” to shop on your Ambassador feed all purchase orders go directly to your eComm dashboard.. 
Well now you can via  Ambassador Campaigns with Reach Multiplier. 
Traditional Dropshipping methods can be cumbersome and time consuming with little brand control.

Reach Multiplier integrates all your product image, product descriptions, Inventory and pricing with orders sent directly to you at time of purchase. Giving you control & brand consistency while providing the retailer a simple 60 second product launch to their website.   
D2C Multi eCommerce Store Management
Social Media Influencer eCommerce Integration & Order Fulfillment
 B2B eCommerce Integration & Order Fulfillment 
We have created a flexible, turnkey, ecommerce solution that connect brands to consumers with easy management. Our platform lets you collect consumer data, then use it for the personalisation and continuous improvement of your offering, promotions, product development and launches.

Reach Multiplier is at the forefront of helping Bands  & Retailers get “outside the box” when it comes to growth and profitability. Our approach provides brands the answers needed to engage with their customers at a 1:1 level along the path to purchase. We focus on providing a unified consumer experience that increases customer value and loyalty, while helping our clients sell more, in less time, and for less cost.
Ready to Take Control?
Invest a small amount of time to learn how Reach Multiplier can work for you. Our unique approach will help you build a direct channel quickly and affordably.
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